Niketown is an example of brandscaping through the development of entertainment retail stores. It is designed to encourage consumer activity in the space of the store. Consumers are encouraged to try on shoes and clothing, test athletic equiptment, watch videos, experience encounters with sport stars, and play simulated games (Lury 2004: 33).

From personal experience: In Toronto, there is a Nike Store on Bloor St. W that offers a marathon training clinic for free. Runners are encouraged to dress up in rental Nike gear from head to toe and run around the city. Ipods are also available for rent during the training session. This provides a feeling of professionalism and Nike worked hard to ensure the satisfaction of their customers.

Take a look at the Youtube clip. It highlights the goals that "Niketown" wishes to offer their consumers.


Niketown London: The World's Largest Nike Store

How and why has 'brandscaping' become such prominent feature in consumer culture and urban life?

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